In order for us to print your Rolling View to the right size you will need to provide us with the correct dimensions of your roller garage door. What you’ll need:

  • Metric Tape measure (ideally longer than the width of your door)
  • A friend to hold one end
  • Paper and pen


We’ll need all measurements in centimeters please.

WIDTH - Your garage door is guided on either side by vertical runners, measure the width of your door to the inside edge of each of these channels. Use the ribs in your door to help guide your measurement to ensure it’s horizontal and make sure you measure in centimeters please.

Before you order - Measure your door width

HEIGHT - LEVEL GROUND - Measure both sides using the vertical runners as guides, from the door base up to the safety stop bracket.

Before you order - Measure your door height (Flat)

HEIGHT - SLOPING GROUND - Measure both sides 1. Start by measuring the vertical runner on the uphill end between the stop bracket and door base. 2. Then use the horizontal door ribs to find the same level on the other side and measure down the vertical runner to the door base.

Before you order - Measure your door height (Slope)