general queries

Can I put Rolling View on the outside of my garage doors?

Yes, but this is special order, as we need to ensure there is additional fabric to allow the material to roll over the top of your door.

Is Rolling View weather resistant?

Yes, the brackets and tube are galvanised steel and the fabric is PVC with a outdoor UV resistant print, so all the parts of built to endure the elements. We would recommend checking everything is in good condition on a regular basis, as even these excellent materials will degrade with time.

What’s the maximum width for a Rolling View?

6.5m, is the maximum width of the tubes, and the widest width they will self support with only attachments at either end.

What’s the minimum width for a Rolling View?

We’ll make one as narrow as you like, but they are designed for garage doors, so you’re unlikely to have one less than 2.5m wide.

Will Rolling View affect my garage door or garage door motor?

We do not take any responsibility for the wear on your door, it’s mechanism or the motor, however with correct installation and regular servicing your door should operate without adverse effects.

What should I do with my Rolling View in bad weather?

Although the fabric will be close up against your garage door, strong gusts of wind can damage it. We recommend unhooking the base of the fabric and rolling it up into the top tube during bad weather.

How long will my Rolling View last?

With correct installation and regular servicing your Rolling View should provide you with years of pleasure. The parts are all very sturdy and the print is rated to retain its colour in direct sunlight for 24 months.

before you order

How do I find out if my garage door is suitable to fit a Rolling View?

Submit your query via our website and an Autolift sales person will be in touch to talk through your situation.

What happens if I can’t find an image I like?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for email us via Contact Us with a thorough description of what you’re after and we’ll do our best to find something suitable. As this may take some time we charge a standard $100 which includes us sending you a selection of images to choose from.

I’d like to use one of my own photographs, is this possible?

If you would like us to use one of your own images please note it will need to be VERY big. Don’t forget that garage doors are not small, so if you want clarity from your shot we recommend it is at least 120mb file

What if I enter the wrong dimensions into my order?

Please take extra care to follow our detailed instructions, we do not take responsibility for mistakes in your order. If you are concerned please speak to your Autolift sales person after submitting your Request for quote.

What’s the returns policy for Rolling View?

We have very high standards in ensuring the product we send out is of the highest quality, however we do not accept any returns.

How long does it take to get to me after I’ve ordered?

We’ll get it to you within 8 weeks of ordering, but always try to deliver sooner.

Can I self install my Rolling View?

Yes, however we recommend having this both professionally through Autolift to avoid dissapointment.

How long will it take me to self install?

We recommend setting aside 1 hour, but are confident you’ll be able to get it up and start enjoying it much sooner. Of course if you have ordered a Double Up please allow some more time for installation.

Can I zoom in on a particular part of the image I choose?

No, all our images are sized to be printed as they are, if you zoom into them you will lose resolution and the clarity will suffer.

My garage door is very wide, will I lose much of the original image in print?

The width of your door will dictate the vertical cropping required, during the ordering process you will be able to choose which part of the image you want using our ‘Drag image to select crop’ tool.

Can I order just the printed fabric?

Yes, we will print any of our images and supply you with them on fabric only.

What’s Rolling View made of?

The side brackets  base hooks and tube are galvanised steel with a steel internal spring and plastic end caps. The fabric is PVC with a outdoor UV resistance print and nylon eyelets.

What resolution do you print at?

50dpi, which is a suitable resolution when viewed from a normal distance for such a large print.

What do I need to do before I order?

You’ll need to make some measurements of your door, and check it’s suitable for our bracket attachements. Go to Before you order for more information.

Can I have more than one image?

Yes, if you select the Rolling View Double Up you will be able to enjoy your choice of 2 different views to suit your mood.

Will you send an order inter-state or overseas?

No, sorry we do not fulfil orders outside of New South Wales at the moment,

Can I project onto my Rolling View?

If you select a projection fabric for your Rolling View you’ll  be able to transform your garage door into your own movie theatre.

Why would I want the Rolling View pelmet? - COMING SOON

If you’d like to discretely hide the tube mechanism and side brackets we’d recommend adding a pelmet to your order. This clips onto the side brackets.

once you’ve got your rolling view

I’ve taken delivery but cannot install my Rolling View, what do I do?

If you haven’t damage any of the parts we can arrange for an installer to contact you with a cost and time, simply call Autolift to arrange.

What do I do if I tear the fabric of my Rolling View?

With careful handling this is most unlikely, however as the material is PVC in some instances be repaired with the appropriate tape.

If I need to take my Rolling View down will I be able to put it up again?

Yes, the best way to take your Rolling View down is to ask for someone to help then open your garage door (this will take most of the tension out of the internal spring mechanism). One person should firmly hold the bottom of the fabric while the other unhooks the fabric from base hooks, then hold the horizontal tube with both hands and slowly let it turn and remove the remainder of the tension from the spring. Secure the fabric around the tube, then each person should take an end each and gently unhook the tube from the brackets. Be careful when moving around and make sure you put it down somewhere safe, out of contact with materials that will damage it.

How to I clean my Rolling View?

With your garage door closed, and the complete print unravelled use a clean damp cloth to gently wipe the surface of your Rolling View fabric. Do not use any cleaning products as these may damage your Rolling View.

Does my Rolling View need any maintenance?

No, just keep it clean and free from other objects to prevent damage.

I’ve only bought a Mono Rolling View, if I buy another can I still use my original?

No problem, if you decide you want to Double-Up with a second Rolling View option, whether that’s a print, or a projection screen we’ll provide you with new Double-Up side brackets with your new order, you then simply mount your original Rolling View with your new one on the Double-Up brackets.