Print, Fabrics and Rollers

We only use the best quality inks and fabrics to last in the Australian outdoors. PVC vinyl mesh banner with UV stable inks are guaranteed for 3 years in direct sunlight. All mounted and rolled onto outdoor grade galvanised tubing (as used in roller awnings), complete with internal spring.

The Mono

Soon to be a classic, the mono is a single roller blind that transforms your garage door from utilitarian object to art form. The whole thing sits proud from the garage door with the roller neatly mounted beneath the rolled up door itself.


Up to 3.15m sq $1,265 (inc. GST) 3.16m sq to 5.5m sq $1,551 (inc. GST) Installation not included - quoted separately through Auto Lift

Double Up

Double the fun with the Double Up Rolling View bracket, you can alter your view to suit the mood, or go for one printed blind and one plain white, perfect for a projection screen. Project movies, sports or just soothing screen savers to enhance that night time mood.

Double Ups are special orders, please email us directly on and we will confirm the price

Brackets and Blinds Attachments

Your Rolling View mounting bracket simply bolts into the walls on either side of your garage door vertical door guides. The roller blind mechanism is cradled in the bracket and eyelets in the base of your print hook into special Rolling View Base Hook Mounts affixed to the bottom rail of your garage door.

Other Printed Banners

It doesn’t need to be a garage door, or even a roller blind, we’re happy for you to choose one of our images to be printed just as a work of art. Spruce up a blank wall in your yard, or even inside. If it’s something special you’re after send us an email in contact us .